The Preserve Pipa movement is a successful initiative by members of the Association of Hoteliers of Tibau do Sul and Pipa (ASHTEP) and the Pipa Convention & Visitors Bureau, in favor of a harmonious coexistence between nature and local companies, guaranteeing the well-being of residents and providing an unparalleled experience for tourists visiting the city and village.

This select and distinguished group of entrepreneurs understands the need to preserve local ecosystems in order to ensure the perpetuation of the natural attractions that draw visitors from all over the world. Moreover, they believe in sustainable tourism development that preserves the beauty of Pipa and the region for many years to come.

The participants of the Movement embrace the environmental cause and promote actions to assist in the preservation of the region's environment, which is considered one of the most beautiful on the Brazilian coast.


The project emerged with the main objective of maintaining and conserving the Ecological Sanctuary, a private park with over 90 hectares of green area, which is the heart of Pipa. But soon it gained strength to also work in promoting and publicizing the destination, in environmental and social sustainability actions, and in investments related to the infrastructure of the city of Tibau do Sul, Pipa Beach, and Sibauma.


Align the purposes of entrepreneurs, the municipality, and the community regarding environmental preservation and attracting tourists to the destination.


To be a reference in business association and sustainable tourism in the Northeast region of Brazil.

Who participates?

Approximately 50 hoteliers and 40 local businesses (including bars, restaurants, and tour agencies) participate in Preserve Pipa. They stand out for the excellence of the services provided. All hotels or guesthouses have ratings that exceed 90% approval among customers. The focus is on quality service, good facilities, and concern for nature.

Tax on Sustainable Tourism Incentive

The main source of revenue for Preserve Pipa comes from the Sustainable Tourism Incentive Tax, supported by the Tax Code of the Municipality of Tibau do Sul, Section VIII, Articles 231a 235. The amount is symbolic and optional, but of utmost importance to maintain the actions of the movement. The rate of R $ 4.00 is charged per day, for each hotel room, regardless of the number of guests. The amount is allocated to four lines of action:

  • R$ 0,50 Pipa Convention & Visitors Bureau, 
  • R$ 1,25 ASHTEP, 
  • R$ 1,25 FUNTUR, 
  • R$ 0.50 Environmental Preservation, 
  • R$ 0.50 Tax Costs.

Tax on Sustainable Tourism Incentive